Bar Nine Hospitality For Businesses

With two unique B2B platforms, we believe we've created a program with truly something for everyone. We are so excited to help your business in any we can. 

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Elegant Simplicity & Speedy Fulfillment

RoastWork is all about taking the Bar Nine vision of hospitality and applying it to wholesale. With that in mind, we’ve created our Classic Blend, a timeless taste profile that will excite and delight any palate. With warm, round tones and vintage vibes, this is a coffee that will feel at home in any business, from fast-casual to fine dining.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Build the coffee program of your dreams with RoastWork Plus. Choosing from one of 30 (and growing) unique taste profiles, customize your bag, your blend, and everything in between. We become your voice, building an experience catered to your business in every way we can. Your taste and your brand is the music, we are the session players bringing it to life.

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